About Tim Rowley

Tim is a Brit now living in Panama.
He first studied photography and design full-time in 1981. After studying business at Universities to post graduate level he first ran a graphic design agency in 1992. He spent many years with a street theater company and as a professional musician, both performing and teaching. During this time he made three html websites to represent his own activities and studied Microsoft qualifications (MCP) in the operating system and networks.
In Panama he decided that networks were less interesting to him than websites, and he had a lot of design skills and techniques as well as an eye for detail.
He soon realized that businesses need far more than pretty web pages and immersed in the study of SEO, Analytics, digital marketing, advertising - and every integrated system that a modern business needs to get ahead.

Entries by Tim Rowley

SEO Guide – Part 4 : Back-Links

A very important ranking factor is the number of linking pages. It used to be measured solely by quantity. This was soon abused of course, and many webmasters were able to boost their websites in the SERP´s just by buying them. Google turned on this eventually and now assess the rank or ´authority´ of the back-linking page and domain, and also the topical relevance of the linking page and domain to the landing page and its domain.

SEO Guide – Part 3 : SEO Content and Keyword Focus

SEO Content. Google can’t judge the quality of your images and videos, it only knows the words that you have chosen to place on your pages. Part 3 of this SEO Guide – SEO Content and Keyword Focus introduces you to many aspects that need attention to really focus your pages on the keywords identified by research as the most effective for you to be seen in the search results.

SEO Guide – Part 2 : Structural SEO and SEO Audits

Structural ‘defects’ will affect your ranking with Google and the other search engines. In the course of an SEO structural audit the website architecture is analyzed for any deficiencies, along with the configuration of the web server and the numerous protocols necessary for your website to interact with the rest of the internet. Part 2 introduces you to aspects focused upon during this process and will good you a good overview of structural SEO analysis.

SEO Guide – Part 1 : Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

This is Part 1 of an introductory guide to SEO work. It is a four part series that includes 2) Structural SEO; 3) SEO Content and Keyword Focus; and 4) Back-Links for SEO. There are Over 50 page-ranking factors that Google use to define the “authority” or “rank” of a domain and its pages, so there are a lot of elements to get right if we want to appear on page one for our most important keywords for our industry niche.

3 Changes to Adwords : Exact Match now includes “Close Variants”

Google have announced the inclusion of two new metrics in their reports for companies using AdWords.
They have also made changes to exact match keywords. It is effectively a dilution of the control we have over our advertising as our ‘exact match’ keywords will now contain more ‘close variants’. This is not going to be popular with advertising agencies or their clients.