Client : Carbon Credits Research and Surveillance Agency

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Panama web development : business directory
panama web developer
  • Website Design

    The owner of had a very specific design brief along with sketches of how he wanted it to look. It’s front pages omit the conventional menu, but have a series of selectable ‘boxes’ floating over a video background of moving 1‘s and 0‘s representing the flow of binary data.moving. A full screen video background was ‘cutting edge’ at the time but is considerably easier to achieve now.

  • Web Development

    There was a good deal of custom development to this website.

    • Business Directory : 48 distinct categories and subcategories of carbon credits and carbon capture & storage professionals. You can see these in the main menu (see image), but need to subscribe to enter the directory.
    • Submission to Directory : is via a form containing conditional logic. Questions answered a certain way will reveal the relevant following questions. The professionals have a login and profile page to manage their directory submissions.
    • Subscription and Private Pages : there is an annual fee, for which access to search the carbon credits professional directory is granted.
    • Carbon Credits Library : the publicly available library has 13,600 documents that can be searched by publishing body, author, title, category and keyword tags (see image). There are library plugins but none covered the search options we wanted, so it is custom built.
    • Calendar of Conferences & Events : the calendar shows conferences around the world. It has list, month and map views. (see image). There is the facility to allow third parties to enter their own events via a form when that is desirable.
    • News Pages : there are publicly available news pages, still updated daily, and a weather forecast with information on air quality for asthmatics. This automatically detects the location of your computer.
  • Graphics, Branding and Design

    I created the company logo from the owners sketches and produced a variety of graphic elements for the website.

  • Website Maintenance

    I maintain the site’s code and database, watch over security and troubleshoot problems when they occur.

  • Content Publishing

    I still update the news pages daily.

  • E-Mail Marketing

    We tried a number of methods to send e-mail invitations to the 1000’s of identified professional to submit to the directory. These included the installation of software on a computer to operate as a mail server. I made the HTML emails used in all  methods of sending.

  • Server Management

    The site was migrated several times. I helped the owner purchase a physical server and high volume router, on which I installed software and configured it as a web server with the plan to put our dedicated server into rented rack-space. Plans were changed, and after hosting on a Virtual Private Server in Gibraltar that suffered too many outages, I installed and configured web server software into a VPS which I manage to today.