Client : Panama Yacht & Fishing Charters

panama digital marketing service
  • Website Design and Blog

    The PYFC website showcases their yachts, their fishing and cruising destinations, their facilities and activities and their captains and crew. It has a blog with articles on fishing, whale watching, water sports, and on trips to the various destinations.

  • SEO and Custom Reporting Dashboards

    The company has both a content strategy and a back-linking strategy to guide the creation of content and where to publish it. They have a custom dashboard to access Key Performance Indicators from many sources.

  • Website Maintenance

    I maintain the site’s code and database, watch over security and troubleshoot problems when they occur.

  • Social Media Management

    I created branded social media channels and published content for the first year and a half of the company’s life. I managed the growth of following with a focus on sport fishing enthusiasts.

  • Graphics and Design

    I created many custom graphics and pieces of photography based artworks for the content of social media posts and for the website. I also designed ads for both online and magazine publications, and produced leaflets, flyers, artwork for exhibition stands and banners, hoarding and bunting for the yachts.

  • Copywriting

    I wrote articles on the destinations, on game fish species, and on whale watching and other activities. My writing is guided by the SEO content strategy produced by research into popularity of keywords by both searchers and by competing webpages.

  • Video Editing

    I didn’t get much opportunity to film video, but I edited numerous collections to produce video content for their YouTube channel along with credits and soundtracks.

  • Online Advertising

    I ran Facebook advertising campaigns. My targeting research was to identify the highest income neighborhoods and zipcodes in New York and Long Island, Florida, Texas, California, and also Denver because a new direct flight had just opened. This was further segmented by sex and people interested in fishing.

  • E-Mail Marketing

    The site has mailing list capture forms for Mailchimp, from which HTML newsletters are sent.