Bespoke SEO Services

Scientific investigation of keywords for your industry niche. It examines search popularity and the number of pages competing for the same keyword terms to find which word combinations are going to give you a high ranking in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages).

From this research I can produce a Keyword Content Strategy that is used to guide writers in selecting keywords, whether for use on the website, in social media, or in any other digital publication. It is also to coordinate writers in the use of keywords in order to broaden your “keyword footprint” in the search engines in order to be seen for a wider range of the search terms for your industry niche.

  • Website
  • from $ 140
  • Keyword
  • from $ 560
  • Back-link
  • from $ 280
  • Competitor
  • from $ 560
  • Monthly
  • from $ 560

Panama SEO Services  |  Worldwide SEO Services

Whilst it is nice to meet with clients and discuss over the table, it is no longer necessary. We can work for you wherever you are based. This goes for all of our services with the exception of photography and video for which it would be more economical to employ someone local.

SEO as an on-going monthly contract has often been thought of by small businesses as too expensive, and it has been taken up mainly by medium and large businesses. Larger organizations recognize SEO services as offering a high ROI.

There are some good reasons why even small businesses should invest in at least a short SEO research project to improve their placement in organic search results :

  • Benefits gained by even short SEO projects are PERMANENT gains.
  • An SEO audit will reveal many things that affect your rank and position in the search engine results. Many of them are easily fixed.
  • A keyword content strategy is not only for the website but for social media and every external digital publication. You’ll start appearing for a wider range of typed searches. The same research is needed for advertising via Google Adwords.
  • Identifying the best potential back-link sources will keep you own writers busy for quite some.
  • If you currently have high risk and undesirable back-links you should know of them and take remedial action.

The uptake of SEO services by companies in Panama and Latin America has been slow compared to other countries. There are still many keyword opportunities to be found and you can establish yourself as a major player in your industry niche  !!  Our SEO services in Panama come at a small fraction of the cost of those with a similar skill-set in the USA or Europe. The price tables above give the minimum costs of engaging us as your SEO consultant. As our work is online we are able to offer my SEO services worldwide with consultations via Skype.

If you are planning for a new website, we recommend producing a CONTENT STRATEGY beforehand so that it can be implemented from the very beginning. This is more efficient than making alterations later and, perhaps more importantly, it can influence the whole hierarchic structure of your pages & folders, and your categories & sub-categories, in order to maximize your appearance in the search engine results pages (SERP’s).

If you have recently had a website redesign we recommend running an SEO AUDIT immediately. Many companies have experienced rapid drops in domain authority (previously known as page rank) and visitor numbers after a redesign because the old page url’s were not redirected to the new ones. This failure to perform 301 redirects to the pages results in the loss of existing back-links, which are a major factor in determining the domain and page authority. Once Google have spotted that the backlinks no longer exist, and that the domain is associated with many dead links in the internet, then authority drops very rapidly and it can take years to recover. This is why it is important to not delay this task.
Business owners are usually proud of their brand new websites, but we nearly always find errors or omissions that will affect the development of its domain authority, and therefore affects you position in search results. It is unfortunate, but it seems that very few website designers are also SEO’s and marketing data analysts.

We offer a very personal bespoke SEO service. Get in touch to begin discussing your business and it’s requirements, and to devise a plan to fit your budget.
SEO Srvices Panama   This could be a short SEO research project and working documents to coordinate your writers and content creators.
Panama SEO Services   This could be an SEO research project with me as your SEO copywriter and content creator.
SEO Panama   This could be an ongoing SEO contract. This includes the keyword performance tracking of your website and the sites of your competitors in selected search engines from around the world; constant update of niche keyword list and review of your website content; monitoring of existing back-links and the identification of new sources of prime quality back-links.

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